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A network of responsible businesses

EticLab: doing business responsibly

Eticlab is an association that brings together companies, cooperatives, professionals and employers’ representatives that share the same strategic vision: the values of economic, social and environmental sustainability must always characterise the actions of an enterprise and how it behaves towards its stakeholders, with a view to maximising the value created.

Eticlab is an experience we’ve been walking alongside for a long time now: we helped found it way back in 2009, when Cà del Buio was nothing but a twinkle in our eye, a vague desire for a better future.

Together with a fantastic group of visionary entrepreneurs, we learned to bring shape and substance to the words ethics, responsibility and sustainability and how they apply to economic, productive and entrepreneurial organisations; we learned how to turn good management practices into a strategic business development approach founded on sustainability, transparency and sharing.

Eticlab is a place to exchange and compare ideas and experiences, and it has become a qualified partner for the institutions in Liguria when it comes to sustainable development issues and the application of the UN’s SDGs and Agenda 2030.

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