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Discover the timeless beauty, peace, light and darkness of these incredible places.

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Cà del Buio - Eco B&B per turismo responsabile a Finale Ligure


Nestling in the midst of nature, with the rock faces of Montesordo and Rocca di Perti towering above it, Cà del Buio sits just off an age-old communication route that today is one of the paths from which trekking trails set off for the Finalese area. Just a few minutes’ walk away, you’ll also find some of the most famous climbing routes that are a mecca for aficionados from all over Europe.

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Designed to blend beautifully and seamlessly with the landscape, the rooms take their names and inspiration from the nature they’re surrounded by. Each one is furnished with unique pieces shaped by local craftsmen, using materials recovered during the recent restoration work.

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It’s our passion for nature and for the history of the magical place that is Finale Ligure and the whole Finalese area that prompted us to make our home here on the edge of the forest, with all its characteristic scents and sounds.
Taking care of this little corner of the world and preserving its beauty and distinctive character is a labour of love, and this is why we sought to make our home the first Eco B&B in Liguria to obtain KlimaHaus (CasaClima) certification.
Welcome to a timeless experience.


Just a few metres from the B&B is the entrance to the Grotta del Buio cave, popular with speleologists, and from which Cà del Buio takes its name.
Further along the easy walking path are numerous natural features and constructions testifying to Man’s presence in the area for over 350,000 years, including caves, churches dating back over a thousand years, crypts, Byzantine fortified settlements and mediaeval castles.

Cà del Buio is also conveniently situated for the start and end of a number of hiking routes and MTB trails, with the old path directly linking the B&B with Pian Marino and the “Neanderthal” and Carbuta routes.

Just a ten-minute drive away is Finalborgo, listed among the most beautiful villages in Italy, while 15 minutes away are the sandy beaches of Finale Marina.


“Nature is not a place to visit. It is home”.

These words from Gary Snyder sum up the educational, professional and life choices we’ve chosen to adopt and implement.

We’re moved by the awareness that we are a part of nature, and that living in it cannot, and must not, involve exploiting the environment merely for our own benefit.

This is why the approach we adopt here at Cà del Buio, from the building recovery work to everyday life in our home, is inspired by sustainability, together with a commitment to reducing environmental impact and working hand in hand with other, similar facilities in the local area.

Our aspiration is to share with others the beauty that surrounds Cà del Buio, seeking to ensure respect for the area and the landscape, and the best way we can think of to achieve this is by bringing our guests on board and involving them in all those important little activities that help to make their stay as eco-friendly as possible, however much or little time they spend here with us.

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Cà del Buio, il primo Eco B&B certificato CasaClima della Liguria
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